Curbside Outtake: Ford Festiva – The Festival Is Still Going

I’ve been shooting and posting Festivas since the earliest days of CC, when they had clearly established themselves as the shitbox of choice hereabouts. They were all over the place, like little baby roaches that wouldn’t and couldn’t be killed. The party has slowly wound down these past few years, to the point where seeing this one actually got me to stop. Are there any others still around?

The bright red paint and the owner-added decorations made it even more compelling. This festival will end, one of these days.

Let’s take a closer look. This guy riding up on the roof has a sprig of fresh lilac blooms in his hand. Yes, spring is in full glory and the lilacs are doing their aromatic thing.

This owner clearly thinks life is a party, and a colorful one at that.

How I miss the good old days when so many Eugene-mobiles sported a full complement of stickers. No more; folks are taking themselves and their fancy new RAV4 hybrids and Tesla Model Ys way too seriously.

This is a genuuuine Festiva GT.

When the back is out of room, there’s always the sides.

Who would have thought that a little Mazda built by Kia in Korea would turn out to be such a long-lived thing?

And no; they weren’t lacking in driving fun. Its 58 hp managed to scoot the 1720 lb hotbox from 0-60 in a mere 10.2 seconds. And through the quarter in 17.8 seconds. Faster than just about anything in its price class. And there’s a lot more room inside than its 136″ length might suggest.

It’s the ultimate antithesis to all the bloated CUVs nowadays. I’m going to be bummed when they’re all gone.


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