Curbside Outtake: Ford Ikon – A Surprise Mexican Vistitor To Michigan

Yesterday I was stopping by my mechanic to checking on a minor issue with my 2014 Regal GS, and then remembered the venerable folks at A&A are closed the first Saturday of every month and was going to leave.  I breezed past this innocuous red Ford Hatchback in front of the shop. I said to myself, “Looks like an older generation Fiesta”. A few seconds passed…wait, what? These weren’t sold here! I got out and took note and some photos.

Turns out it’s not a Fiesta at all but a Ford Ikon hatch. This is one of many derivatives of the global Ford Fiesta platform, and the Ikon was produced from 1999 to 2011, and refreshed in 2008. I really cannot say what year it is but I would say no later than 2010 or 2011, according to Wikipedia. It was produced in India, China, South Africa and Mexico, and came with various gas and diesel powertrains. As someone who has owned 4 hatchbacks and who likes little cars….I can appreciate the economy and  utility this little car brings its owner. And recent Fiestas were noted for their nimbleness and solid driving dynamics.

So how did this one get here? It had Ohio plates but then I noticed it had Mexican DMV tags from the state of Chihuahua and the city of Ciudad Juarez, a large city of 1.3 million on the border with Texas. It is a long way from home but in fine shape due to the hot and dry car-friendly climate it lived in. I would guess this is a Mexican expat who drove it north when he or she moved to Ohio.

I wonder how easy it was to register this car? No crash tests of this generation of Fiesta in the U.S. My neighbor married a Canadian who tried to register her older Jetta here, and it was miles of red tape and $1,500 so she sold it in Canada and bought a car here. And I wonder what issue is causing it to be left for service? I wonder how easy it would be to get parts for this vehicle if this particular platform was not sold in the U.S. or Canada? While I’m sure there is commonality to some degree with Ford’s global platforms, I would guess getting parts for this would not be easy, cheap, or fast here in the Rust Belt.