Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Not the Stereotypical Studebaker Scotsman Owner – But Then Neither Was the Original Owner

This snapshot of John Tom Cohen and his ’57 Studebaker Scotsman was posted at the Cohort by John Lloyd, and not surprisingly, caught my eye. It’s not exactly the stereotypical Scotsman owner, but then this was shot in the late ’70s. But just as surprising is that the original buyer was hardly a typical Scotsman owner either. An actor?

Abe Vigoda, known for a number of movie and tv roles, perhaps most of all for his portrayal of the character Salvatore Tessio (above) in The Godfather, and GF Part 2. He played Phil Fish on Barney Miller, as well as a number of roles on stage and elsewhere. Given that Vigoda’s career only  started to take off some in the mid-’60s, I guess it’s plausible that he would have bought a Scotsman in 1957.

I love that top snapshot, as it’s such a period piece, when old beaters from that vintage could be picked up for a song. Looks like it’s needing a bit of attention.


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