Curbside Outtake: Honda Street Racoon – There’s A New Exotic Animal In Our Town

Stephanie recently found a non-native Racoon in town. Thanks to the 25 year import exemption, all sorts of exotic species from the Far East are finding their way here; but this is the first Honda Street kei van to wash up in Eugene. I’m not sure of the exact year, but I’m guessing about 1994 or so, as to its date of birth. Apparently (and obviously) the Racoon version has 4WD. Can it climb trees?

It’s got a 656cc triple rated at 38 hp. Plenty for scooting around our bucolic little city. But not so much for zipping along with traffic on the freeway.

This shot came out fuzzy, but then most of these kei vans don’t really look a whole lot different. A box is a box.

I was a bit intrigued by that “Top Speed 65” sticker on the back. Turns out the top speed of the Street 4WD is 65 mph. But why the sticker? Presumably to let impatient folks on the freeway know why you’re dawdling. But stickers in that vein were a common thing to put on the back of VW buses. Like “I’m Pedaling As Fast As I Can”. In this case, that might be believable.