Curbside Outtake: Lexus LS400 – Overland Edition

Who needs a Subaru to do some serious overlanding out in the wilds of Eastern Oregon? Not when you can offroad in the luxury and comfort of a splendid Lexus LS400.

It’s got the ride height and big tires to take on the roughest thread of an abandoned forest road or desert trail.

And plenty of power, from its superb big V8, now burbling through a pair of shorty pipes.

The interior is a bit worse for wear, but those big thrones are still supremely comfortable over the washboards and rocky back roads.

Four wheel drive? That’s for sissies. Real cars don’t need that. Just throw some traction mats and a shovel in the big trunk, and you’re golden.


Here’s a couple of CC’s on the less gnarly versions:

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