Curbside Outtake: Mack FN(?) Log Hauler – How Many Loads Did It Haul?

I spotted this in an empty lot in Oakridge, which was once a booming mill town. I just shot it from the car window, presumably too lazy to get out after a long hike. But it’s quite a fine old Mack, from its heavy duty FG/FH/FJ/FK/FN Series, that replaced the classic AC “bulldog” Macks that cemented its reputation as the toughest trucks in the land.

Here’s a closer look:

This series was made from 1937 all the way to 1943, or 1947, depending on the source. Its old-school semi-open cab looks straight out of the teens or twenties, but that’s the way they still made them. It’s not like they were whistling down the highway at high speed, what with their chain drive and low gearing. There were a variety of engines available, including Hercules and Buda diesels, and the later ones with Mack’s new diesel, making some 131 hp. I can’t tell what’s in this one; can you?

Here’s a fine old rendering of one at work. Fresh air is good!