Curbside Outtake: Matte As Hell

cadillac xlr

Applying a matte paintjob to one’s car is an aftermarket trend that has become immensely more popular than chrome-plating. Lately, some manufacturers are even offering a matte finish from the factory. Sometimes, matte paint looks really good. Other times, not so much. If any car could pull off a matte paint job, I would think it could be the Cadillac XLR with its low-slung proportions and angular lines. But this modified XLR left me cold and also frustrated because I’d been hunting for an XLR – easily one of my favorite cars of the past couple of decades – for months, and my search yielded only this matte misadventure. Our Brendan Saur was more fortunate, and found an XLR that hadn’t been afflicted with a bizarre, ratroad-esque appearance.

How do my fellow Curbsiders feel about matte paintjobs?