QOTD: Which Car Did You Obsess On When You Were Fifteen? Or Which Car Posters Were On Your Wall?

Lambo Posters

For a whole generation of kids, Lamborghini Countach posters became a fixture on the bedroom wall, along with a Farrah Fawcett poster. Or maybe someone else; I’m not very good with popular culture. So what about you; what car did you obsess on in your adolescence, or what graced your bedroom wall?

When I was in quite a bit younger, about seven and eight, I practically covered my bedroom walls with car ads, especially the dreamy Fitzpatrick and Kaufman Pontiac renderings.

lamborghini espada_72_lambo_06

After we moved to Baltimore, that all went away. When I was fifteen (1968), there were so many incredible new cars, especially out of Italy, that it was literally hard to obsess on any one for too long. But the one that I did obsess on the most was indeed a Lambo, but ironically the four-seater Espada, which arrived in that year (JPC’s CC here).

As much as I loved the exotic mid-engine super-sports cars, there was something about a full four-seater coupe that looked this good, that really grabbed me. Why couldn’t American cars look this good? This is what a 1968 Thunderbird or Riviera should have been, in my mind.

Lamborghini Espade blue side

The Espada was pretty much the the only car I drew often at that time, in profile, and its lines deeply etched into my visual cortex, or wherever these lines are stored. Come on, Detroit; you could be building this! The closest they got that was probably the 1971 Sebring/Road Runner.


I might have had one on the closet door for a while, but what dominated my room at the the time was a large poster-board drawing I did of a Chrysler hemi engine cross-section. I copied it free-hand from a book or magazine, and figuring out all the relative sizes and dimensions in a much larger scale was a challenge, with just a ruler. But it came out pretty decent, and it dominated my room for quite some time. And the skills acquired in making it served me well decades later when I draw up plans for my houses. I still use a pencil and ruler for that; it’s just more enjoyable than using a CAD program for me.