Curbside Outtake: MCI-5A Motor Coach – Honeymoon Hauler

I haven’t seen an MC-5 in very long time. I used to see them very commonly back when they were a common part of Greyhound’s fleet, and then occasionally in charter service. But rarely as a conversion, like this one.

Thanks to Jim Brophy’s post on the MC-5 here at CC, I can tell that this is an “A” version based on its upper marker lights, built between 1964 and 1970.

The MC-5 was 96 in wide and 35 ft long, seating 41. It came with GM’s 6V-71 or 8V-71 engines, and a Fuller or Spicer 4-speed manual transmission.


Looks like this is carrying the owners on a honeymoon trip.

The plate is from Alberta. That suggests that this might be a Canadian-built version, technically called the MCC-5, to differentiate it from the one built at MCI’s plant in Pembina, ND. Greyhound had owned MCI since 1958, after its frustrations with the GM Scenicruiser, and opened a plant in ND to build the MC-5 and starting in 1968, the MC-6.

Bon voyage!

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