Curbside Outtake: Rectangular Headlight Olds Ciera – Unforgettably Forgettable

FWD A-Bodies, one of the staples of CC. Before them, it was B-Bodies. And what will it be when the A-Bodies are gone? It’s happening in front of our eyes, although it’s not exactly going to be tomorrow.

I’m not sure of the exact year, and not in the mood to look through all the subtle variations on their grille textures to figure it out. 1986 or earlier, in any case, thanks to the sealed beam headlights. I wonder just how much money was made on all of these trunk-top racks? WTF? Who ever packed luggage up there? I guess they had to come up with something after the padded vinyl roof business dried up. Equally useless.

All I can think of when I see these is: rental car. Buicks and Olds versions were the staple of the fleets in their day, if you were on a typical business trip expense account. They all blend into one homogenized experience: the nappy seat fabric, the familiar seating position, especially for one who had once had an X-body Skylark as a company car. The slightly raspy drone of whatever flavor of V6 was under the hood that day. And who cared? They all had a lot of initial tip-in, but don’t expect much oomp above 60 or 70. All in all, a highly forgettable experience, yet I can’t seem to forget it. The A Body sticks. And sticks around, a veritable cockroach of the road.

Is there one of you out there above the age of forty or so that’s never driven one, or been in one?