Curbside Outtake: Scion xB Pickup – Long Bed Version

Now this is something that has a certain decided appeal to me, as something of a cross between my xB and F100. There’s times I need one or the other for my chores, but with this I could (sort of) do it all with one vehicle.

Long bed, did you say?

Yes, long bed, as there was a factory short bed, the Toyota bB Open deck, sold only in Japan. But that bed is a wee bit short for much hauling.

This home-built version has a semi-reasonable sized bed. If it had a proper tailgate to extend it, it could be pretty useful.

Thanks to FWD, it’s a mighty deep bed, although a flat floor cover would be handy.

This one is a work in progress (hopefully), as are so many home-built undertakings of this kind. I actually ran into this car and its owner just a week earlier, but it was night and the pictures were unusable. He’s a major gen1 xB freak, and has had…over half a dozen, if I remember correctly.

He bought this one recently, so presumably it may get some further development, or not. He loves it, and it attracts attention, which is undoubtedly more important than its utility value.

I’ve had many a mind exercise about all sorts of xB permutations, as I’m a big fan, and I can envision alternate variations for different purposes. A pickup has been one of them, so it’s nice at least two of us were thinking along the same lines. Of course thinking and acting are two different things.