Curbside Outtake: Sleeper Cab Ford E-450 Truck – If Detroit Won’t Build It, Build It Yourself

Some of my favorite finds are homebuilt trucks and RVs; I should have a special category for just them. I spotted this at our local Lowes, and I’m still not exactly sure what to make of it. That sleeper cab has clearly been transplanted from a big semi truck. It even sports a tv antenna on top. And now it looks like it’s a perfect place to stow tools and such for this contractor’s truck.

Bonus points for it being a short nosed E-Series. More room for what counts.

I was hoping to find the exact same unit mounted on a semi, but gave up after a while. Here’s a close match: a Kenworth from the 1990’s with an Aerodyne sleeper cab. Maybe one of you will find the exact match.

It reminds me of a truck I posted here before, which was sort of the reverse: a pickup camper mounted on a semi truck.

Looks to be a very practical and useful rig. I assume it was originally an RV, but I suppose it could have had a box body on it.