Curbside Outtake: Subaru Baja – Dead End

Every couple of years here we have to pay homage to the Subaru Baja. It’s still surprises me that these bombed out so badly. It seems perfect for Eugene—whose official car is the Outback—given how popular gardening and other messy and muddy outdoor activities are. But no; it’s either got to be a wagonish Outback or a Tacoma pickup; never the twain shall merge.

I wonder if Subaru will ever try making a truck again. The current platform under the Outback and Ascent is pretty good sized; with a bit of a stretch they could build something like the Honda Ridgeline. Of course that hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, although I think the current generation sells reasonably well, at least around here. It’s a better Baja.

Speaking of, the 2021 Ridgeline is looking a bit more buff. Good call. I find it a pretty attractive package; much better interior space than a Tacoma, and probably a more civilized ride too.


Here’s a more detailed CC on the Baja