Curbside Outtake: The Big, Wide, Long Home Built Chevy Van

This home made Chevy van camper caught my eye in Arcata, CA on a recent trip down the coast. It’s big and long, and surprisingly well-built for a home brew job. As the next picture shows, the builder actually changed the angle of the front doors so they would close flush with the widened body.

This shows it quite clearly: the doors flare out to meet the wider main body. I’ve never seen this done, even on commercial van conversions. Invariably there’s a bump out behind the cab where it meets a widened body.

The rest of it is pretty sophisticated too. Somebody put some serious thought and effort into it, The current owner told me that the builder was an engineer. That’s hardly surprising.

Just building that side door to match the contours of the body alone is a considerable challenge.