Curbside Outtake: The Even Couple

chevrolet tahoe sport (2)

Either this Chevrolet Tahoe Sport and GMC Yukon GT are owned by neighbors with similar taste in trucks, or there is a lone two-door GMT-400 enthusiast living in Chelsea.

gmc yukon gt (2)

These are handsome beasts, and the last example of a full-size, two-door SUV. While I have never been a big SUV fan, I can understand why an American or a Canadian would buy a Suburban/Yukon XL: gas is cheaper than most other countries, there is plenty of torque for towing, they have off-road ability, and they can carry a lot of people and/or stuff. But what was the motivating factor for someone to buy one of these two-door GMT-400s?

chevrolet tahoe sport (1)

Perhaps buyers just simply liked the way these looked. They are handsome SUVs with clean, purposeful lines. There isn’t a lot of information online about the Sport and GT packages, so I don’t know how long they ran for or what they entailed other than very 90s decals and badges.

gmc yukon gt (1)

And yes, you may note that these were parked directly opposite each other. So either the owner high-fived his neighbor when he rolled up in an almost identical truck, or there is one enthusiast who is willing to deal with the hassle of owning two full-size SUVs in Manhattan.