Curbside Outtake: The Odd Couple

buick electra (2)

During one of my afternoons exploring the wonderful city I used to call home, I stumbled across two Buick Electras in the same part of the Lower East Side. I wonder if these two Buick-driving neighbors know each other, and what they are like.

buick electra (1)

Is the owner of this tastefully stock Electra a sensible, older gentleman who shakes his head when he sees his neighbor’s garish Electra? Does the owner of the darker-colored Electra genuinely feel he has improved the aesthetics of his car by adding the shiny wheels, non-functional hood scoop and fender vent, and decals? Each to their own, of course, but these Pep Boys accoutrements seem so incongruous on the elegant Electra. About the only thing tacky on the grey Electra are those wire wheel covers.