Curbside Outtake: The Last Audi 200 and 5000 (C3) In Town.

I could be wrong, but I’ve not seen any other C3 Audis on the streets here for some time. But there may well be some hiding somewhere. These two are in clear sight, but the 5000 Quattro in the driveway looks like it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. And the 200 Quattro at the curb showed some signs that it isn’t exactly a daily driver. That’s hardly surprising.

Since this is badged as a 200, it’s a 1989 or later, but I’ll let those more knowledgeable chime in on that if I got it wrong.

According to my Encyclopedia of Import Cars, the 2.2 L turbocharged and intercooled five pot was rated at 162 hp. Not exactly a staggering number, but there were ways to make that number bigger, and even stock, this was a fine performing touring car.

The 5000 CS Quattro had the same engine; in fact it was pretty much the same car as the 200, as that was really just a name change in 1989 to make the line consistent with the new 80, which arrived in 1988.

The bright and low sun ruined this shot, but it does show the broken headlight.

As a bonus, there was also this very vintage Starcraft conversion Suburban. Sadly, no pics of the undoubtedly heavily tufted and plush interior.


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