Curbside Outtake: The Not-Niedermeyer’s New House In Port Orford

Across and up the street from our new place in Port Orford, there’s a house that’s a wee bit different than what we’re likely to someday build.  It’s a glass rectangle that sits up in the air, on top of two concrete “blocks”. Yes, they have a killer view, as do passersby of the inside of their house. I assume privacy is not high on their list of priorities.

Here’s how it looks from the side. Their (made) bed is clearly visible from this spot. It’s about 300′ above the ocean, and somewhat surprisingly, that section of the Port Orford head seems to not be solid rock, like most of it.

What’s interesting is that there’s no outside living space at all. Yes, it tends to be a bit windy up there, but that’s hardly all the time.

My logical guess is that the owners only come once in a while, and being ensconced in a glass cube rather than interacting with the elements and nature is their thing, enjoying the view to the south through the wall of glass.

Update: Eric703 left this video in the comments. It shows it better than my stalker shots. It sold for $1.5 million earlier this year.

It’s rather the polar opposite of our place. Speaking of, here’s a few snapshots from our last couple of visits, clearing out brush from the area around the pond, which was a part of a garden setting there that was essentially abandoned some twenty years ago.

Actually, I have very few pictures, as a long sequence of shots I took all were out of focus, undoubtedly because a piece of debris from al the chain sawing in my pants pocket must have stuck to the lens. But here’s one of Stephanie wielding the extension pole saw. Actually, she was just carrying it back to the van.

We’ve been uncovering all sorts of artifacts like these stairs, and others too, that are part of the network of trails around the pond in down the canyon. We had no idea they were there until I chain sawed my to to them.

Stephanie’s smiling, as she was having a ball finding big boulders buried under the sword fern and brush. It’s a bit like reclaiming an ancient Mayan temple in the jungle. And we’ve got quite a ways to go.

Here’s one of the pines at the edge of the pond showing off its freshly pruned trunk. And there’s someone sitting in it, keeping an eye on me as I walked right by it hauling cuttings to the brush pile.

A barred owl, and he was no more than some 6-8 feet away from me as I passed by him several times. Its head just turned to follow me.

Although the views of the ocean are a bit limited from the part of the property that we’ve been working on, and that has the most flat land to build on, there’s a corner of the 7 acre parcel that’s way up on the far side of the canyon that has a terrific view, especially at sunset.  It drops off very quickly from the narrow flat spot along the edge of the street (Boot Hill Road), so there wouldn’t be more room than a narrow house.

Perhaps not totally unlike that Not-Niedermeyer house, ironically, but scaled down, sitting down on the ground, no or few windows on the street side,  and with opening windows and a deck jutting out into the air. Got to be able to breathe (and smell) that ocean air.