Curbside Outtake: Time To Mow The Datsun

Seeing the grass growing out of the side of this Datsun pickup reminds me that it’s mowing season again, which tends to come on rather explosively here. After all, the Willamette Valley grows the bulk of the world’s grass seed, our single biggest agricultural crop, although that other “grass” is probably catching up.

Oh look; the grass on the truck is reaching out to the grass on the ground. Given that this truck has been sitting here for years, undoubtedly that explains how its come to be sprouting grass.

It’s a bit rusty for Oregon standards; maybe it started out life somewhere else.

Everyone likes to have an old pickup hanging about, just in case.

That hood has quite the sunburn, or just a deep tan.

No doubt it’ll fire right up the next time it’s needed. Maybe to haul the lawnmower.