Curbside Outtake: Toyota MR2 And His Friend

It’s a bit refreshing to see two truly small cars (by American standards, that is) side-by-side, when it’s becoming harder to see just about any. Especially so when one of them is a gen1 MR2, one of the more memorable ones from the eighties, a decade when there were so many others.

And it’s got another small sporty friend at its side.

Seems like the MINI era has rather played out. Yes, they’re still here, but in substantially diminished form, and trying to find a new relevant niche as the small EV. This is a 2007; they still offer a convertible in the lineup today. Starting at $35,700, it’s probably one of the cheaper raptops available new. But then I’m pretty clueless about certain segments of the new car market.

Looks like it gets towed behind an RV or such.

I missed what would have been an awesome shot the other morning: a woman driving around our neighborhood looking for cans to recycle (for the deposit). Her black MR2 was stuffed to the gills with bags of them, and there were a number of more bags attached to the outside of the car. You had to see it to believe it.

These MR2’s are very durable; peak Toyota, in more ways than one.

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