Curbside Outtake: Toyota Pickup (N25 1975-1978) – Still Very Mobile

As a bit of a counterpoint to this morning’s immobilized (if only temporarily) Ford F-150, I offer you this Toyota pickup from roughly the same vintage (this is a 1975 or later version of the generation that first appeared in 1973). Unlike the Ford, it’s a daily driver and highly mobile, as I see it coming and going in my neighborhood. Which reminds me that I saw a yellow one of these the other day driven by the dad of one of my daughter’s classmates from middle school. They bought it as a typical cheap errand-mobile 25 years ago, and he’s still driving it (she drives a Lexus ES350).


This is a long bed version, much preferred hereabouts for its greater utility value, which is of course precisely what these are valued for. And a canopy just adds to that, depending on the typical cargo.

There were a number of mid-generation changes to these, starting in 1975. The cab was lengthened just a bit, to give big Americans a tad more space. Not that these were ever going to be commodious. And under the hood the larger 2.2 L 20R SOHC four replaced the 2.0 L 18R. A bit more torque; always a welcome thing. Or maybe just to keep up with the horsepower-robbing emission controls.

Got to have a stick. I’m trying to image all the places this truck has been and all the things it’s hauled. Those seats look like later replacements to me.

During these challenging times, it’s good to be inspired by tough old goats like this. No virus is going to knock it down for the count.