Curbside Outtake: Voyager Generations – The Sequel

(First Posted August 30, 2013)  I mentioned the other day in the piece about our “new to us” 2012 VW Routan that we have three generations of Chrysler minivans in the driveway right now, so let’s take a moment to compare them. The grill of the Gen 3 GC is almost dainty compared to the Gen 4 T&C, but I think the Gen 5 Routan does an effective job of visually breaking up an even taller frontal area – note the higher base point of the windshield on the Routan, too.

This angle emphasizes how much lower the nose of the Gen 3 is compared with the two later generation vans. Ours has a bad case of headlight cataracts at the ripe old age of 15, and the eight year-old T&C is starting to cloud over a bit, too.

As mentioned in my piece on the Routan, you can clearly see how the GC and T&C tend to look tall and almost ponderous from the rear, primarily due to the taillights being tall and thin as compared to the emphasis on horizontal lines on the Routan.

Boxy is definitely back, Baby! Both the color and the styling of the Routan remind us a lot of the Gen 1 Caravan we borrowed for a few months while looking for a replacement for our totaled ’98 Caravan. So there you have it; all we’re missing is a Gen 1 or 2 Plymouth Voyager to have a complete set!