Curbside Outtake: VW Bus (T1) With Popup Camping Trailer

We had a new neighbor move in a block away who is an air-cooled VW aficionado. One of his cars is this VW bus, from around 1965-1967, and here it is with their popup camping trailer. If you don’t have a popup Westfalia, I guess this is one alternative.

As to the ability of the old VW buses to pull trailers, I used to see them do that not uncommonly back in the day. One memory clearly stands out: we were on vacation in the Colorado Rockies in a cabin (on of several on the property) that we rented from friends, and one of them chugged up the very steep and rocky “driveway” (we parked down below) in his VW bus with a long trailer behind it that housed his glider airplane. He had just driven it from the Chicago area. The bus, with its reduction gearing hubs, had a very low first gear, and it clambered up to the cabin and parked. I was impressed. But then these T1 buses essentially had the same underpinnings as the VW Kübelwagen.