Curbside Outtakes: Suddenly It’s 2000!

There are times when I think the golden days of CC spotting in Eugene are over. I used to walk down a block and see nothing but cars 25 years and older. But then the other day, it happened again: I suddenly fell into a worm hole and found myself in the year 2000 or so, on this block of Lincoln Avenue.

Three vintage Toyotas and a gen1 Honda CRV in the background. But that’s just for starters.

Across the street were a Dodge Caravan and a Ford Expedition.

And a bit further down on the other side, just ahead of the three Toyotas, there’s another Camry and a Jeep GC.

Here’s another look at the Toyotas: Tercel, Camry and Corolla.

The Corolla even has a “Camry Dent”.