Potential Curbside Conflagration: The Leaking Dodge Pickup Gas Tank


Just about an hour ago, I headed down W. 22nd Ave for my morning walk with the dog. As I passed this Dodge pickup parked at the curb, I noticed a strong smell of gasoline. I looked down and saw a good sized puddle, and a rivulet heading down the curb.

That’s not good. One spark, and this Dodge would be engulfed in flames.


I looked under it and saw it wasn’t just dripping, but one single solid stream and several drips from the bottom of the gas tank.


I asked if anyone of the folks having an event in the school parking lot drove this Dodge. Nope.

Walked across the street, where there were already several older cars parked. Knocked on the door. No answer.

I decided this was a potential hazard and called the fire department.


They arrived some 10-15 minutes later, and poured clay about to absorb the spill.


Then they went to work trying to stop the leak. Easier said than done, given how steady it was. They had some kind of tape and one guy was kneading some epoxy, presumably.

The owner eventually appeared from the house. He said something about vandalism. Umm, there’s no way someone would do that in this neighborhood. I overheard one fireman telling him it looked like there had been a previous repair that had now failed.

When I finally left, they were still working on it. I assume if they can’t stop it, they might have to have someone come and pump out the tank?