Curbside QOTD: Is Your Dump Truck Ready for Spring Cleaning?

The great thing about a “dump truck” is its versatility. The truck bed can serve as an extension of your compost bin. Or it can become a portable storage unit for all those bricks you found by the “free” sign. The dump truck can even be used a placeholder for that perfect parking spot right in front of your house. Since a lot of these trucks sit over the winter, starting them for the first time can be a crapshoot. So, get out your jumper cables and starter fluid. Is your dump truck ready for spring?

The 1-gen Ford Ranger pictured above is the perfect candidate for a dump runner. It’s over 30 years old, but still capable of making it from the backyard to the disposal site. This one hasn’t moved in a while, but probably will see some action once the grass starts growing. It could also win a hand of license-plate poker.


There’s an older Ford pickup peeking out from behind this nice-looking Toyota. The Toy looks too good to be strictly for the dump, but there is big bag of something in the bed.


Speaking of beds, here’s a rusty one that’s been grafted onto an ’80s Toyota 1-Ton. This rig looks pretty bad, but the owner drives it often.


The back-40 on this little guy is so rusty, there is sedum ground-cover growing through the side. This close up of the carnage also shows the leaf springs on this heavy hauler.


Let’s stay with the Japanese imports and this Datsun. It has the extended cab and, by the looks of the fuel filler door, might be a diesel. Was that even an option? This old Datsun also has collector plates, which may strengthen its cred as a rare truck.


Here’s a side view of the Datsun, which has been parked in this same spot for years.


This Mazda B2600i is a definite dump runner. It’s waiting in an alley near my place, ready for a load of wind-fallen branches or grass clippings.


This Nissan D21 Hardbody does double duty as a dump truck and an RV tow-behind. The bed on this one is splattered with spilled house-paint.


Dump Van anyone? You could fit a lot of junk into this old VW camper. Maybe an old rotten futon? Some broken patio furniture?


Finally, there is this great looking ’63 or ’64 GMC pickup in my alley. It looks so content there under his carport, waiting to be loaded up for the first dump run of 2020.