Curbside Repairs: 1975-1978 Toyota Motorhome Gets Ready to Move On

This 1970’s vintage Toyota Dolphin mini-motorhome had been sitting at the curb on our walk for a couple of months. Then one day I saw it was requiring some ministrations. A tow strap was also visible below its front bumper.

A peek in the engine compartment revealed it to be a 20R, which means this was a 1975 or later variant of this generation.

I’ve seen the occupants a few times, an older couple. This spot next to a church parking lot had become their home, obviously.

The next day or so we walked by it again, there was a Ranger in position to administer a booster shot from its battery, presumably. And a gas can sat nearby. Ready to move somewhere new?

Sure enough, the next time we walked by, they were gone.