Curbside Twofer: 1981 Corolla Wagon And 1988 Dodge Omni – Two CC Survivors

I’ve seen these two classic Eugene-mobiles for years now, and they’ve both had their individual moments of fame here at CC. Not only are they still going in 2023 as daily drivers, but now I managed to catch them together. That’s worthy of a second look.

The ’81 Corolla is the last generation of wagons and RWD, and as such, they were the epitome of sturdy and reliable.  I’ve got a real soft spot for these , and my xB is something of a spiritual successor to them.

Not surprisingly, the seat is showing the wear and tear of over a half century of use. I wish I knew its mileage.

It’s good to go for another couple of decades.

I’ve grudgingly had to acknowledge that these later 2.2 L powered Omnis and Horizons are in Toyota territory when it come to durability. There were several still running around town until a few years ago, and there may still be, but this is the one I keep running into.

The baby Torqueflite and the 2.2 made for a long-lasting relationship.

This is really the car that saved Chrysler, as the K-Car was heavily based on these.

And its clean Golf-inspired design has held up as well as its drive train.

Chrysler took a brilliant leap of faith when they decided to build a US version of the Simca Horizon; the first truly modern small American car. Please don’t go away! You’re such a refreshing sight on the streets these days.



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