Curbside Update: The Last Unmolested 1969 Camaro Six Is Still Going Strong (Updated with Info from the Owner)

This has become one of my favorite CCs in town, and every couple of years feel the need to report on its continued well-being, despite being a daily driver and living on the street.

Update: I just got an email from the owner with info on her Camaro:

I’ve been hoping to meet the owner, as she promised me more details of her ownership the one very brief encounter I had with her. But although I’ve seen her driving it in traffic once or twice, no such luck so far. So we’ll have to keep speculating about how long she’s had it. My guess is quite some time. Maybe her dad bought it for her as a graduation present?

It’s the only ’69 Camaro that I’ve encountered in traffic that didn’t have the rumble or roar of a hot Chevy V8.

Here’s the info from the owner:

Hi Paul.

I just saw the update you did on my car.
I’d be glad to answer any questions you may have. I bought the car in 1993. I’m the second owner. I was looking for a car and my friend and I went to Portland. I checked the ads in the Oregonian while we were there and that’s where I found it. The original owner drove it off the lot at Ron Tonkin in 1969. It was a gift for her 25th wedding anniversary.


Here’s my first write-up on it in 2012