Dash-Cam Outtake: 1959 Chevrolet Apache – Big Red Rolling Down The Highway

The nice thing about Having a dash-cam, is that anyone can record a video. All you need is to be aware of the “emergency” button (which saves the current file from being overwritten), and of course, be on the lookout for any nearby classics. By now I’ve got my wife taking videos when I’m not in the car, and she is the one responsible for this recent capture. All that’s left for me is to upload it here- and count the money, so to speak.


This particular 1959 Apache is well known to me, and was seen many times at Israeli classic car meetings. As this was taken on a Friday, no doubt the owner is in a hurry to get to one such meeting:

As you’d expect, naturally I took photos of it on numerous occasions:

You can probably tell this one has been somewhat modified, clearly lowered- and I have to say I’m fond of the result. This Apache was imported from the US a few years back, and I believe the modifications took place there (not that Israelis couldn’t do it themselves- it make more sense to import it already modified).

Back in the day, Apaches were not all that common in Israel, being expensive and (for Israel) quite big. This- and time passed- is probably why so few have survived, and most you’d see today are newly imported cars like the featured red Apache or this next one:

Again, this one had some slight modifications done, and how good of him to write the truck’s i.d. on the step-side fenders…

However, this yellow 1959 truck is an original Israeli Apache, imported here when new. Not surprisingly, it was kept as an original and not modified in any way. It does have a weird thing going on at the rear fenders, sporting mismatched color to the rest of the truck- how curious. Incidentally, I keep seeing some these (and the next generation GM trucks) with white front bumpers & grills, while others, like the red and blue Apaches above, having chrome bumpers & grills. Was it just differences in trim levels?

You may understand how rare Apaches have become in Israel from the fact that those three trucks above are the only Apaches I’ve seen in meetings. So I’ll deviate slightly and post one last photo of a 3200 that is of course, basically the same as the trucks above with difference in name and styling. This one is from 1957 and is a recent import into Israel: