CC Matinée: The Making of the First Valiant

Back in the beforetimes, theatregoers would see a newsreel and/or cartoons before the billboard movie. This morning’s filmstrip makes a fine appetiser for this feature presentation of “403 Midland Ave”, Chrysler’s 1959 movie about the design and development of the 1960 Valiant.

It’s clearly meant for general consumption; there’s probably more than warranted emphasis on cloak-and-dagger secrecy and other such tools to stoke public intrigue. Even so, there’s a lot of fascinating stuff in here, whether or not you care much about early Valiants. And those “others” mentioned at the end must’ve done their job, because just you see what happened in 1961.

I am happy to be able to finally show this film; it was a lot of years in the acquisition and digitising. Steady your popcorn and hug your date; this one’s a shoo-in for an Oscar, sure!