Dash-Cam Outtake: Morris Minor – Easy Does It

Once again I captured an unsuspecting classic on my way to a family visit, and this is probably one of the eldest classics I happen to run into.


Not so much of a surprise, though- I recall a classic meeting was to take place on that Saturday and no doubt this Minor is heading there, in a what you’d call a “dignified” matter:

Obviously I cannot tell the exact vintage of this Minor, especially from the back. But given the small, low rear lights and the license plate (which sets this car firmly as an original import to Israel back in the 1950s), I’d place it as one of the series II Minors, build between 1952 and 1956. Respect.

*Edit: Comments below suggest this is actually a younger, post 1956 “1000” series Minor, and I agree for lack of knowledge. Thank you.

In Israel these cars were very popular. The Israelis liked its comfortable ride and external, “classic” design. It was mostly successful among what-was-then middle-class Israel, with many freelance profession punters being proud owners the Minor. And whad’ya know, many of them survived quite well, for cars that are over 60 years old.

As usual, here are some more Minors I photographed in various meetings throughout the years:

The Minor was imported to Israel in every shape and form, be it an estate, truck, panel-van or this convertible, which looks to be somewhat modified a-la 1970s style.

This Minor could have been the car in the video; it has the same color and is one of the series II models. But the license plate is different. Almost there.

I’ll finish off with this photo of “Three little maids from school are we”…