CC’s 7th Birthday – Our Annual Contributor Appreciation Day

Yes, it’s been that long already, although sometimes it feels more like 70 years. 11,770 published posts, over a half million comments, and over 12 million visitors will tend do that. But CC’s birthday is not about blowing our horn; it’s become our annual day of expressing appreciation for all the contributors that make this site such a successful collaboration.

Regretfully, there is no easy or quick way for me to list all those that contributed in this past year. You know who you are, and so do our readers. So I ask you all to virtually stand up and take a bow, and we’ll applaud you all. It’s an honor to share these pages with you all.

And it’s incredibly gratifying to see how CC continues to attract new contributors on a steady basis. Understandably, some move on and others stay. That’s the nature of the internet. In total, we’ve had some 200 contributors, and we have another 40 or so more regular authors and editors. The birthday party keeps getting bigger; we’ll need a much bigger cake than this to feed you all.

The continued success of CC in carving out a well-defined niche in the huge automotive online world is directly the result of the content that magically appears here day-in and day-out, thanks to all of you contributors. CC will never grow beyond a certain size, because we’re not about the click-bait and shallow Top Ten lists. Our audience comes for substance, not empty calories. And we don’t do this for the money. It’s a labor of love by every contributor. So let’s give some of it back.