Driveway Outtake: A Datsun Lover Lives Here

CC 272 021 1200

This little rental house not too far away has suddenly sprouted a trio of vintage Datsuns. And these get used too, as I’ve seen varying numbers of them at any time. But the other day, on a Sunday morning, I caught them napping. The first two are obviously 210 sedans.

CC 272 022 1200

These are as simple, rugged and easy to keep running as just about anything from this vintage, along with a Corolla. RWD, 1400 cc pushrod four, and a slick-shifting transmission in between.

CC 272 023 1200

And at the head of the line is a 510 wagon, a hot item with Datsun lovers going way back. The  wagon has a solid live rear axle, unlike the independent rear suspension on the sedans. But that’s just fine too, and feeding it is an L-Series OHC four; 1600 cc in the original version. The queen of this little fleet.