Driveway Outtake: Chevrolet Celebrity and Volkswagen – A Cockroach and a Beetle

I believe it was longtime CC commenter geozinger who first introduced the term “Cockroach Of The Road” (COTR) here. And it’s been applied mostly to those generally unloved older GM FWD cars that seem to defy the expectations and keep on going, and going. The Chevy Celebrity earned its COTR status early on. And keeps on earning it, although the numbers are dwindling.

And of course the Beetle is the original Insect of the Road, so it’s appropriate that we see these two communing here. This house obviously doesn’t have a pest control contract.

Thankfully (for its owner) it’s got the 2.8 L V6. This white Celebrity reminds me very much of one that also found its way into the parking lot at KSCI-TV in LA via that same fleet purchaser agreement one of our engineers set up. But in this case it was to end up as the first new car for a very sweet young couple that had met at the station, fallen in love, and got married. Gary and Mary; our company sweethearts. And Mary got pregnant on their honeymoon. Oh; so sweet indeed!

And now that the kid was on the way, they needed a bigger and more reliable car; their first new one. But they were thrifty too, so they ordered up a very plain white first year 1982 Celebrity with the 2.5 L Iron Duke four. It served them for quite a few years, but I don’t know just how reliably so. Enough so to keep it anyway. The first COTR in my experience.


Theirs was just like this, but in blue. it was pretty spartan compared to the four Skylark Limiteds in the official station fleet. But then they were paying for it. And its big four throbbed away.


This one looks like it still gets driven, which I can’t say for the VW. But it never fails to amaze me how many real Beetles are still on the road here. And I’m talking about real drivers, in varying condition, not Sunday hobby cars. Before you know it, we’ll be celebrating the 100th birthday of the Beetle.