Driveway Outtake: Four Classic Eugene-Mobiles

I’ve been walking past this driveway for many years now, and I finally decided to stop and shoot this four-some, as they all fall in the category of “Eugene-mobiles”.

Let’s start on the right…

The venerable Toyota Previa, which has now fully replaced its predecessor, the Toyota van, which in turn replaced the VW bus as the official van of Eugene. What will eventually replace the Previa? The Sienna, of course, but probably not in quite the same numbers.

This one is extra desirable, given that it’s an All-Trac (AWD) version. Just the thing to go mushroom hunting or snow-shoeing.

As a former W124 300E owner, this is sad, but representative of the genre. They’ve become beaters, and worse. I’m sure there’s a few nicely kept gems in some garages, but these were everywhere here for quite some years, but now they’re mostly used up, and not worth fixing anymore.

I love me big old vans, and this one is a bit of an oddball. Does anyone recognize it?

It seems to have been used as a minibus and not a delivery van, which makes it extra unusual. I’ve never seen anything just like this before. It’s on a Chevy chassis.

Quite the throne there.

It’s been converted into a kitchen, for food cart use. But the location and style of the windows and doors very strongly suggest that this was never a delivery van, and built as a minibus from the start. But I could be wrong; it won’t be the first time.

Last but hardly least we have us a W123 Mercedes diesel, in 300D (non-turbo) form. The fact that it’s still in pretty good shape and obviously in regular use, unlike the w124 300E, is representative of the vintage Mercedes scene here: w123 diesels are being kept up, many in still quite good shape, while the w124s are languishing.