Driveway Outtake: Oh Joy! With Current Gas Prices I Can Do Multiple Prius Posts Again!

Back in the day, I used to troll my readers with numerous Prius posts, featuring numerous Prii. They were guaranteed to get folks steamed up, such was the deep-seated Prius hate in this country. But then Prius hate seemed to just fade away, replaced by Tesla hate. Which also corresponded to many of Eugene’s Prii being replaced by Teslas, a process that continues unabated. Which makes this driveway with three Prii (shot yesterday) something of a rarity. Who would have thunk?

Given current gas prices, these Prius owners are probably glad they hung on to them, unlike so many that were traded in for a big SUV or pickup (not including the ones traded in for a Tesla). So come on, for old times sake, can some of you please arouse some of that long-dormant Prius hate? It’s been way too long…

This threesome features all of the most popular generations (2,3 and 4). I’ve been keeping my eye out for a shot including all four generations; no luck so far. There’s still a fair number of the gen1 Prii around (gen 1.5, if you must), but never in the company of all three of its successors.

So has the value of used Prii shot up, as it always does when gas prices shoot up? What about Chevy Metros?