Driveway Outtake: Someone Likes Old Subaru Foresters – Me Too!

This town was once crawling with gen1 Foresters. They were everywhere, including the one in our driveway. But the numbers are finally receding some, although these folks appear to be enthusiastic owners of the breed. These still go down in my book as just about the ultimate CUV, in terms of their packaging. So compact, yet with a tall roof for plenty of headroom, and enough ground clearance to get to those remote trailheads. My only complaint was that back seat legroom was a bit lacking, a reflection of the Impreza platform it sat on.

We had a dark green one, and there were so many of them, that one owner even put on a homemade sticker on the back of his that reflected that fact: “Another Green Forester”. And I caught it on the road one day:

Just like our old one.

Here’s the story of ours, in terms of the cost of ownership over 12 years

And here’s the tale of its comical final sale and a final tally of costs over 15 years