Driveway Outtake: The Jaguar XJ-S Gives Way To The New Family Member

This house is around the corner and down a block from our house, and I’ve noted the owner’s love for fine British steel in his carport: a TR-8 and a Jaguar XJ-S V12. Then we walked by it a week or two ago, and noticed that the Jag’s spot in the carport had been taken by a new acquisition, a Hyundai Ioniq5, my favorite new car, design-wise. Uh-oh.

The TR-8 seems safe for now. It has a lovely burble when the owner drives by. The Ioniq doesn’t.

Here sits the Jag, out in the rain. Don’t you know cats don’t like to get wet?

And here’s the clincher: we walked by this evening, and the Jag was gone. Out for a drive, or did it take off to look for a more loving home?