Dumpside Outtake: The Two Cheapskate Neighborhood Landlords Finally Meet

It had to happen sooner or later, as we only live seven blocks from each other on the same street. I’ve been aware of him for some fifteen years or so, as I watched him renovate a couple of moved houses in the neighborhood shortly after I finished mine. And I know he owns some other rentals around here too.

And of course I’ve noticed his work truck, a 1970 Suburban. I shot it back in 2010 when I first did a CC on it at the old site. I’ve seen him coming and going to his rentals, just like I do. I assumed he knew of me my by my old truck, as I knew him by his old truck.

We finally met at the yard waste recycling dump. I pulled in next to him and introduced myself. Hi there other cheap-ass neighborhood landlord!  

He introduced himself as Nick. He looked to be about ten years older than I am, so I guess I may still be unloading my truck here ten years from now.

Here’s how his ex-Forest Service Suburban looked back in 2010, in front of the recently moved house he was renovating at the time. It’s right between my house and my rental cluster. And he had another moved in one directly across the street.

After a few pleasantries came the inevitable: How many units do you have, Nick? Eleven.

And you? I have fourteen.

That puts us in the same ballpark. And it’s about as much as one old guy can maintain by himself. With one old truck.

I asked about his truck, as it’s been getting some body work and primer. You going to get it painted?

Yeah. I already bought the Forest Service green paint. I got a quote from MAACO about a year ago, for $400. I went back recently and now they want $800. I should have done it back then. I may hold off for a while. That’s a bit pricey.

For a cheapskate landlord, it is indeed.