eBay Find: 1988 Robocop Police Car Replica – Nostalgia In Taurus Form


The first generation Taurus was on top of the world during the latter half of the eighties. This resulted in the bull being featured in some major pieces of pop culture for quite some time, which I’ve previously discussed. 1987’s Robocop was the first and arguably the most visible of these, so it comes as no surprise that a movie replica of the squad cars is still cashing that nostalgia check over twenty years later.


The realistic scenario here involves our current reboot fad of reviving old franchises. With the new movie opening this week (to middling reviews, by the way) there is probably no better time for the owner to unload this car if he’s getting tired of it.


Regardless of the seller’s intentions, this is still a pretty cool piece of movie history. Now the ad calls this a replica, so I’m not sure if this was an actual car used in the production of the film or not. But who cares? It’s got a working computer prop and Robocop’s ID card. It looks like the interior is in showroom condition as well.


Out in the perp’s hangout spot, you’ve got some pretty sweet bonuses: some police gear from the movie, a replica pistol, and what looks to be a box containing a model of the “real” car.


Under the hood is the venerable Vulcan V-6. Seems to be in good shape, and the description of the ad backs this up. Over $4,000 in maintenance should do that to a car. One of the repairs includes a new heater core, which was a known problem area in these cars. My own bull had the same issue, and my mechanic quoted me at about two grand to fix it. That was the main reason I got rid of the car. But if it were a movie replica, I might have reconsidered going through with the replacement.

Check out the ad here.