Cohort Outtake: Holden HQs – The Ozzie Nova and Camaro; Close But Not Quite Close Enough

Holden HQ fr

Bryce has posted a ton of cars, but these two Holden HQs caught my interest. Bryce has repeatedly said that these are essentially re-bodied gen2 Camaros (or 1975+ Novas), and that a Camaro front clip would fit on the front of one of these. I’ve googled trying to find one with a Camaro front end, to no avail. So let’s look at a couple of comparison shots and decide how possible that might be, or not.

Holden HQ side crop-vert

Here’s an HQ and a ’75+ Nova. Despite the differences in styling, the basic architectural hard points are hard to disguise. And they both had the same 111″ wheelbase and the same front and rear tracks, which strongly support the supposition. Of course, the HQ preceded this generation Nova by a few years, as the HQ arrived in 1971, shortly after the 1970 Camaro, which also shares the same track numbers, suspension, and plenty of other under-skin aspects, except for a shorter 108″ wheelbase. But it’s also clear the the HQ door cuts quite a bit further into the front fender. No clip-swapping here.

Holden HQ coupe side-vert

Here’s the Camaro and HQ Coupe lined up. Looking at these and taking a few measurements shows that they’re even further apart than the sedan. The big difference: the Camaro’s body was unique from the Nova, in that the passenger compartment sits further back. The Holden HQ shares the HQ sedan’s basic body, the result being that it sits more forward. The distance between the front wheel opening and the front of the front door on the Camaro is substantially longer than the HQ Coupe’s. And the way the doors run into the cowl are is also quite different. And the Camaro is several inches lower than the HQ.

Holden HQ front clip off

There’s no question that it would be a major hack job to adapt a Camaro front clip to this a Holden HQ. But there’s no doubt that they all share plenty under their bodies, although the Holden does have a coil-spring rear suspension unlike the F and X Body leaf springs.

Holden HQ r

Here’s Bryce’s parting shot: the HQ may have been a Camaro and Nova under the skin, but the rear bumper screams 1969 Bel Air. Although I doubt it would swap either.