Eugenelandia Outtake: I Brake For Little Free Libraries


Here’s a bumper sticker I haven’t seen before. And if you’re not familiar with Little Free Libraries, come visit my neighborhood, because there’s one every couple of blocks. What are they? You had to ask?


It started a few years back (2009), and has spread all over, although certain kinds of cities and neighborhoods are more fertile ground than others. It’s a bit precious, but certainly harmless enough. But I do wonder just how much use they get. I just remembered that Stephanie needed something to read one day, and we stopped at one on our walk, and she found something quite readable. Now I suppose we’re obligated to replace it with another book. Hmm. Given how our house is stuffed with books, maybe we should put one up on our front yard, but not so little. It would beat having to haul them off. Maybe that was the original impetus?