CC Outtake: Festive on the Freeway


When is the last time you saw a Ford Festiva? Well, if you read Curbside Classic, maybe not all that long ago.

They’ve been featured here, here and here relatively recently. When I saw this one hurtling down the freeway on a recent Sunday, however, I was more than a little surprised, and had my passenger get out his camera phone to take a few snaps. Until I checked CC, I thought this made for a rare sighting!


Somehow, it looked way more futuristic than it had a right to.


It may have been slightly battered, but its tiny size and tidy shape seemed positively forward-thinking, especially considering it’s over 20 years old (I think this is a late example, probably early 1990s.) Who needs a Smart or Scion IQ when you have this?


Maybe it’s because it’s white, but the little Festiva reminded me of a space pod of some kind, busy on its way to some otherworldly destination. And it’s just so LITTLE, hardly seeming longer than its width or height, just like the EVA ball pod from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Would you open the pod bay doors for a Festiva, HAL?


I’m sure its designer (and maybe the somewhat nerdy-looking driver) would be happy with that take. In any case, the little Ford (Mazda) certainly had no trouble keeping up with LA traffic on the Santa Monica freeway, circa 2014. Go, Festiva!