Guardrail Outtake/QOTD: A Car Lost Its Outer Door Skin Here; Can You ID It?

I was down in Southern Oregon visiting some friends, and we went for a morning walk to a nearby lake. Along the way, I noticed this outer door skin wedged very securely in the seam between two sections of guardrail. I mean very securely; part of it was wedged far into the rail. It wouldn’t budge.

I also noticed some black skid marks on the pavement heading to this point. It’s on a curve, and the car obviously went across the center line and hit the guard rail, and left behind the door outer skin. Can you ID it?

My friends said that crashes of all kinds are quite common, almost invariably intoxicated drivers at night. They cross center lines, drive down embankments, plunge into rivers and lakes, and sometimes just leave a door skin behind.