Here’s Wishing You All A Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays

I got an email from a reader last night with an attached shot of a Lexus SUV with a wreath attached to its front, asking if this was still a common thing. It reminded me that I’d seen this ’75 Pontiac LeMans Safari wagon a few days earlier with this wreath, so I just went back to it to shoot is for our Christmas and holiday greeting to all of you.

I haven’t noticed any other cars with wreaths on their noses, but that’s not to say there aren’t any. Is this still a thing in your part of the world?

We featured this rare colonnade wagon back in 2016, but it’s nice to see it still sitting here, adding a bit more patina as the years go by, just like we all are.

Here’s hoping your holiday plans haven’t been disrupted by the latest pandemic variant.

This wagon features hand outlines of their kids at various ages. Family; that’s what the holidays are all about.

Undoubtedly quite a few family memories were made in this one. Hopefully you’ll make some new ones over the holidays.

I’ll leave you with this shot taken last week on a beach hike in Port Orford. My best wished to all of you!