Ice Storm Outtake: The (Not Quite Genuine) Riviera Takes a Hit


Curbsidelandia was hit by an ice storm last Wednesday, which has sent huge numbers of limbs and trees down, resulting in extensive power outages, which in some case will take weeks to restore. On Thursday morning we ventured out for a walk in the neighborhood to enjoy the amazing crystals that encased all the trees and bushes, and get a look at some of the damages. This 1977 or ’78 Riviera (I can’t readily tell them apart) was one of the casualties, although it looks like the damage is relatively minor. That’s not the case for the car across the street from it.


A neighbor with a chain saw had already cut the bulk of the tree, leaving just a little crown on the Riviera. These ’77-’78s have generally been considered not-quite-genuine Rivieras, as they’re really just a LeSabre with a very un-organic upswept rear hip and a padded top to create an opera window.


The sad reality is that the LeSabre coupe was much better looking, and one of the finest coupes of its time. Not too surprising, given its Pininfarina-influenced roof line.


I’ve shot this car before, as it’s been in the ‘hood for some years now, but have never gotten to writing it up. One of these days it will get a proper presentation here, without a limb on its head.


And here’s the lower part of the tree, resting on a Camry. Which is definitely a bit worse for wear. Timburrrr…


Jeff Nelson did take a closer look at the ’77-’78 semi-Riviera here: A Short Life In Hard Times