Ice Storm Outtakes Finale: Another Toyota Takes A Hit and a Couple More

The ice finally melted this past Tuesday, after turning our trees and bushes in a crystal wonderland for an unusually long time. It was utterly amazing when the sun came out from time to time. Here’s a nice drone video. So let’s finish up my Outtakes from our walk on the first day. Some of you won’t weep to see another Toyota take a hit, although depending on whether the body was actually bent much, this Tercel may well be back in service for another twenty years or so.

This gaily-painted Passeo makes a nice pairing with the crystal-encrusted tree. The “Mer-car-baa”, in case it wasn’t obvious.

This little green Chevette is almost buried under the bamboo. Our bamboo hedge laid over too, but it bounced right back as soon as the ice melted. Tough stuff.