Ice Storm Outtakes: The Odd Import Couple From The Seventies – Maybe They Should Be Paired Up?

I’ve seen this red Triumph Spitfire around quite a bit this past year, as it’s a daily driver. When I caught it near the Y last icy week, it had a similar-aged companion across the street, although with quite different ambitions. They make for a study in import contrast. 

The Spitfire must be a ’74 or later. I had to look up just how long these were sold for in the US: all the way into 1980! Is that really true? We’ll be taking a look at its (and the TR6’s) successor soon with some vintage analysis and reviews. The Spitfire was powered by a 52.5 hp 1493 cc four that managed to get a little bump up to 55 hp in 1977. Kind of defies the definition of ‘sports car’.

This Toyota mini-motorhome is timely, coming on the heels of our vintage review this morning. I’m not sure of the exact age, but its wider B-pillar suggest 1975 or later. It’s a very early Sunrader, which came to be the most desirable (they still are in demand) of the breed due to its oe-piece fiberglass upper half, which eliminated the inevitable leaks of the typical  aluminum-siding versions so common back then. It’s the same reason my old Dodge Chinook is still going; water intrusion is the biggest killer of old RVs. It’s not like the tough old Toyota underpinning is going to give out, right?

It’s even got a rear door like my Chinook. There’s no doubt if I’d happened to have stumbled unto this for cheap back in 2003, I might well have bought it instead. And the Spitfire could be towed behind it; as a dinghy. Wouldn’t that make a perfect pairing? Well, as long as one avoided the mountains.