In-Motion Outtake: 1967 Lancia Fulvia Coupé HF – A Red Rocket To Start The Roaring ‘20s

Here’s something a little different to start the new year (and decade). I’ve been on holiday in France for the past fortnight, so I’ll be featuring a few European nuggets I found there over the next few weeks. And this is one of the tastier ones.

The scene takes place in a small village in Provence, a couple days before Christmas. I’m out enjoying the crisp air and shopping for this and that, when I suddenly hear an unusually loud engine roar coming down the tree-line street. Oh, that red dot careening this way looks mighty interesting. Smartphone at the ready, I click away.

Unfortunately, I’m not very good at capturing fast-moving targets. And this one was going down the street at quite a clip. I did manage this cropped close-up, which captured just enough information to go online and find out exactly what I had snapped up.

This is the 1.3 litre Fulvia HF of Marie-José Marcellin & Brigitte Ollier (their names are on the car), two ladies who like to do vintage rallying in this region of France. Google images brought up a few good shots, which I won’t include here, of the car in actual rallies. Whoosh, it went past and was gone. Awesomeness witnessed, all too briefly. Fitting end to the 2010s or good omen for the 2020s? Time will tell.


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